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At MSA, we specialize in connecting exceptional talent with leading companies. Our comprehensive staffing solutions are tailored to meet your unique needs, ensuring a perfect match every time.

Experienced Candidates

You get highly-motivated workers with a proper expertise ready to start today! Simply give us the job description, show us your workplace and we will take care of the rest.

Recruitment Made Easy

We handle the recruitment process from A to Z for you. We carefully check professional background, skills and related documents of every Candidate, so you can focus on welcoming them to your team.

Talent and Potential

Talented and hard-working Ukrainians are coming to Canada and are looking for jobs as well as place to call home. Let's paint for them a great picture of their future with you and Canada!


It does not matter if you’re a small or large business, seeking employees with in-house recruitment is likely to be an additional task and potentially a burden to HR or the hiring manager who will need to filter through a large number of applications, schedule interviews, and respond to both successful and unsuccessful candidates.


Outsourced Recruiting Companies have access to database networks shared between other agencies, but the information can be outdated or inaccessible.

They charge about 20-25%% for their services provision. No guarantees.

Most Agencies speak only one or two languages.


We constantly replenish and utilize our own database containing up-to-date information on our Candidates and keeping in touch with them.

We charge fixed price for our services not depending on the job position details and Candidates qualifications. 5 months placement is guaranteed.

We keep in touch with our Clients by being fluent in English and Ukrainian plus 4 other languages. All MSA staff speak 3 - 4 languages.

Our Services

Hire us by the hour

Our hourly charge is designed to make your costs of hiring as low as possible while we are able to pay our Ukrainian staff to help you staff to the max. We will put in the effort to ensure that the Candidates we present to you are the best fit for your company, but ultimately the decision to hire them is yours.

minimum 6 hours

Full-Service Recruitment

A full-time Recruiter will be assigned to find you the right people for your Job for the entire time of your subscription period. After translating the job description, our Recruiter searches through the database, finds Candidates matching your requirements, and presents their resumes for your review. Next, you get assistance in scheduling and carrying out the interviews uponyour request. Our representatives are going to take care of the initial interview transportation of the Candidates to your site. We will work with you until you have the positions filled and the Candidates are on your payroll. If the Candidate leaves during your subscription, we will replace the candidate at no additional charge.
*General Labourer positions. Unlimitedreplacements during your subscription

Skilled Trades Job Recruiting

This option goes deeper into finding the right skilled talent for you that are already in Manitoba or maybe overseas. We spend the time to verify the Candidate's resume to ensure they will fill your requirements. We will help with as many interviews as required and drive them to your place of business so you can meet them firsthand and even test their skills if needed. The Recruiter we assign to your file will also ensure the skilled Candidate knows full well about your business and culture so that they feel comfortable accepting this job, this will ensure thatthey will stay for years to come. From the point of first contact, your personal Recruiter to keep in touch, support and follow up after the placement. Our representative is going to be there for you to ensure transparency and understanding between you and the Candidates.

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Learn about our work stages.

  • 01. Application

  • 02. Myrowich Verification Process

  • 03. Interview

  • 04. Placement

From the point of a first contact you will be assigned a personal Client Manager to keep in touch, support and follow up after the placement.Our representative is going to be there for you to ensure transparency and understanding between you and the Candidates.

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