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Last Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Payment Terms
The following constitutes the Terms and Conditions of the (hereinafter “Website”) service available at, applicable to all paid subscription plan services, acting on behalf of Myrowich Staffing Agency Inc. IMPORTANT – PLEASE CAREFULLY READ AND UNDERSTAND THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE & SALE (THESE “PAYMENT TERMS”) BEFORE SUBSCRIBING OR PLACING AN ORDER OVER MYROWICH.COM OR OTHER OF OUR SITES WHICH LINK TO THESE TERMS.1. Subscription Service Description
Some of our Services are billed on a subscription basis (we call these “Subscriptions” and “Plans”). This means that you will be billed in advance on a recurring, periodic basis (each period is called a “billing cycle”). Billing cycles are Annual, and billing is monthly. Your Subscription will automatically renew at the end of each billing cycle unless you cancel auto-renewal through the online billing management page in your account. While we will be sad to see you go, you may cancel auto-renewal on your Subscription at any time, in which case your Subscription will continue until the end of that billing cycle before terminating. You may cancel auto-renewal on your Subscription immediately after the Subscription starts if you do not want it to renew after one year. .By purchasing a Subscription, you acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to ensure that the Subscription you select and the amount of staff required is suitable for your use.We may but are not obligated to send you any renewal notices or other reminders at the end of the Subscription Period. It is your sole responsibility to monitor your Account and promptly advise us of any changes to your Account or Subscription, including cancellations.2. Subscription Plan Types
The paid Subscription Plan services consist of the recruitment of as many potential candidates (hereinafter “Candidates”) as selected by the customer (hereinafter “Client”) during the annual period contracted, counted from the time that the Client contracts the service.2.1. Full-Service Recruitment Subscription characteristics include but are not limited to:
Contacting relevant Candidates for experience/talent clarification, if needed;Receiving and translating job position details (e.g. company name, phone number, email, job-related attachments);Presenting the job description to relevant Candidates;Review and selection of the most suitable Candidates who applied for your positions;Arranging online and face-to-face interviews and assisting during the interview as a translator;Provide free transportation to Candidates for a face-to-face interview, if the Client’s site is less than 100 km away from Winnipeg city; Mileage fees applicable over 100km. Prepare Agreement between the Client and (Myrowich Staffing Agency Inc.);Provide unlimited replacements of hired Candidates during the time of active Subscription of the Client.  3. Subscription Fees
As the subscription plan is in effect a monthly payment plan for services rendered, once the initial subscribed placements are made and they are in the employment of the client, all our subscription services are deemed complete except for replacement of that Candidate if they leave (on their own accord) your employment within the billing cycle of one year.   Our services are to provide quality candidates for you to choose to hire if you feel they are acceptable for the job that you want to fill. This hiring decision is 100% your responsibility and when you decide to hire such a candidate, you relieved Myrowich Staffing Agency Inc of all responsibility and liability pertaining to that Candidate and you agree that we have fulfilled our placement obligations and owe us the full amount of the yearly subscription paid for that subscribed Billing Cycle. If a Candidate leaves on their own accord in that Billing Cycle we will provide resumes of up to 3-5 Candidates within 8 working days of your notification to us at .moc.hciworym%40tneilC On an agreed upon schedule we wil larrange interviews and work with you till that position is filled. If the employee (s) leaves because of a shortage of work and you do not need a replacement, the Subscription continues for the billing cycle and is paid in full until the billing cycle ends.  Where a request for the payment of the Subscription Fee is returned or denied, for whatever reason, by your financial institution or is unpaid by you for any other reason, then you are liable for any costs, including banking fees and charges, associated with the Subscription Fee.We can change and/or amend the Subscription Fee at any time and the amended Subscription Fee will come into effect following the conclusion of the existing Billing Cycle. We will notify you at least 10 days in advance if you are affected by such changes.

4. Fees for Additional Services
You agree to pay to (Myrowich Staffing Agency Inc.) any fees for each additional service you purchase or use (including any overage/travel fees), in accordance with the pricing and payment terms presented to you for that Service. Where applicable, you will be billed using the billing method you select through the “Services We Provide” section of subscription fees are required to be paid by Visa or Mastercard that have an expiration date that is longer than the subscribed Billing Cycle. Our subscription model does not offering billing and terms other than Visa or Mastercard. You represent and warrant that the credit card information you provide is correct and you will promptly notify (Myrowich Staffing Agency Inc.) of any changes to such information.Your subscription will be paid monthly by way of credit card in advance of the month the services are intended until the billiing cycle is completedFees paid are non-refundable, except as provided in these Terms or when required by law.4. Payment and Cancellation
Your credit card will be charged the full monthly or yearly Subscription Plan fee for the plan chosen each month or year until you cancel or upgrade.     5. Refund Policy
We will provide a full refund if you change your mind within 48 hours of your subscription. You can unsubscribe by contacting our Director of Recruiting at moc.hciworym%40tneilC 
We will not provide a refund for any other reason including but not limited to your change of mind, claims of unhired Candidates, claims of unused plan features or limits, or your failure to cancel your Subscription with sufficient notice.6. Taxes
GST is added on top of the prices of the services offered through the website. GST is the value-added tax that must be applied to all services sold in Canada.7. Payment Method
The Client must make payment through Visa or Mastercard. No credit will be given to any company in any circumstance. states that it has no access to sensitive data related to the payment method used by the Client, nor does it store said information. Only the entity corresponding to the payment process has access to this data for payment management.The Client is responsible for ensuring their credit card data is up to date and may communicate any changes through the “Billing” section.If payment cannot be processed, the Client is still responsible for payment for services rendered for the Billing Cycle. Any and all services are halted till payment is made. Myrowich Staffing Agency has the right to cancel the subscription and contract with the client for lack of payment.  All payments made in the course of your use of the Services are made using payment processing services provided by Stripe Payments (”Stripe”). In using the Website, the Services and/or when making any payment in relation to your use of the Services, you warrant that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by Stripe’s Connected Account Agreement, which includes the Stripe Services Agreement.8. Transferability of accounts
Any form of ownership transfer or reselling of paid accounts is allowed with prior written permission of Myrowich Staffing Agency Inc. Unauthorised transfers of ownership will result in immediate termination of the account.9. Termination
These Payment Terms will continue to apply until terminated by either you or us as set out below.If you want to terminate the Payment Terms, you may do so at any time by cancelling your Subscription by contacting at moc.hciworym%40tneilcWe may at any time, terminate the Payment Terms with you, or suspend or deny your access to any or all of the Website or Services, if:you have breached any provision of the Payment Terms, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy or intend to breach any provision;you breach any applicable law;we are required to do so by law;your conduct impacts our name, goodwill, and reputation and/or violates the rights of a third party; orthe provision of the Services to you by us is, in our opinion, no longer commercially viable. We reserve the right to cease operating the Website and our Services, without notice and for any reason.10. Deletion of the Client account
The user can request the deletion of their Client account and any related data at any time by reaching out to staff directly or over the support services. If your account made payments to Myrowich Staffing Agency Inc. we can delete your account earliest 6 months after the last payment, to be able to handle disputes. Your billing information on invoices can be deleted earliest 7 years after the invoice was generated due to tax regulations.11. Right of Withdrawal
In accordance with the characteristics of the services, and taking into account that these are products created in accordance with the specifications of the Client and are clearly customized, the Client will have no right to withdraw.12. Applicable Law
The present conditions are subject to all Manitoba Laws in particular Manitoba Labour and Employment Standards  13. Special Deal Terms
These payment terms apply identically to all custom quoted Subscription Plans.

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